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Instead, enjoy all phases of his longer-if-not-stronger erection, and feel free to take intercourse breaks to allow for other action.

You may decide to stop and just kiss — hard and deep — while his penis rebounds.

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While men in their 20s and early 30s should have no problem getting it up twice in a night, you need to remember that there are different degrees of penis rigidity — just because he's not wielding a rock-hard erection the entire time doesn't mean he's not into having sex with you.

The point is to be suggestive and playful, not demanding.

"If he thinks that you're giving him an ultimatum about having sex again, he might worry so much about getting it up that it won't happen at all," says Lloyd.

"The follow-up round is usually less frantic, so you have more time to indulge secret desires and dream up sexy scenarios," says Lloyd.

"Without that erotic urgency, you can concentrate on teasing each other with foreplay, talking dirty, role-playing, and other seductive moves that take a little time and imagination." There's a practical reason to change things up too — if your man did most of the work initially, it's only fair for you to take the power position next.

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