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In this dine & dump video, a mature, Italian woman with red-dyed hair eats pizza and corn, then later shits it all out. A mature, Italian woman with red-dyed hair pisses into a coffee mug and takes a firm, long shit onto the floor. Sporting a new new hairstyle, beautiful Tina shows off her rocking body and perfect ass before farting and shitting onto a countertop from a close & nasty perspective. She proudly lifts up the towels and shows us her turd pile. A very pretty girl wearing glasses takes a smooth, firm shit onto some towels in her bedroom. A fat girl with reddish hair takes gassy, explosive, runny shits in several scenes with pissing and some ridiculous farts. About 8 minutes.3 girls take turns shitting while sitting on a potty chair with some guy lying directly beneath their asses. About 30 girls take shits into a floor toilet rigged with multiple cameras. The camera pans down to show the turds final resting place inside the bowl. A snapshot of each girl is shown beside the toilet footage in split-screen format. Create an account, or just simply start watching videos.If you loved one of our videos make sure to rate it. A plump, dark-skinned girl sits on a toilet, farts, pisses, and takes a shit with subtle, but audible plops. Some small plops are heard after a minute into the clip.

A plump, dark-skinned girl sits on a toilet, farts gently, pisses, and takes a shit with a few clearly-heard plops. An attractive girl is voyeuristically recorded pissing, farting and taking a shit while sitting on a toilet. Way more time is spent on the kitchen procedure than the actual poop action. She takes a small, chunky shit into a bowl and adds it to the mix. She poses with her product at the end of the video. A beautiful, brunette girl shows off her perfect ass, pisses into a glass, and then takes a large, shit onto the floor from a frontal, spread-eagle position. She pisses, farts and finally shits with audible pooping sounds.

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