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Just tap "This isn't my account" to skip that option.Next, you'll have the option to add a photo to your profile.To be clear, though, you need to keep your Facebook account if you want to hang on to your Messenger app as it stands.Deleting your Facebook erases your Messenger account and all of your chats, so if you don't want to lose that data, you can't go nuclear.

You can simultaneously use several chatrooms and join several discussion groups, and if yu want you can also have a private conversation with girls and guys from your town.If you genuinely want to use Messenger without having any other connection to Facebook, you will have to make a new Messenger account.Starting a new Messenger account still lets you message people on Facebook, so you won't miss out there.After choosing a password, enter your name, then tap "Next." On the following page, tap "Create Account," then enter the code sent to your attached phone number.If you don't see the code, you'll have the option to resend the code after 60 seconds.

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