Sitting in a tree dating

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Cozy in your lofty world, nestled in a pile of plump pillows, you settle down to read one of your favorite encyclopedias.You are curious to learn more about the possibilities listed under Q, especially, ‘Quantum Dating’.” says he, shimmering in the candlelight.“You were so at home within yourself,” you reply.“Waiting for me to arrive.”“I felt so grateful,” he says. You must have left door # 3 ajar, and now all those disembodied heads have galloped off to greener pastures.And gently pointing the tip into the folded fabric of multiverses, you connect at an atomic level.It’s like tickling a tiger under its chin — sometimes it works, and the universe just purrs.

One Saturday night, you find yourself sitting alone in the tree house library, lemon zest flagrantly wafting through wide open windows.But reading the fine print, you are disappointed to learn that ‘Quantum Dating’ is not, technically speaking, the kind of dating you were hoping to do.Looking up from your book, you are met with the resentful glares of your grandfather’s herd of hunting trophies.Looking into the glazed eyes of their near-extinction, you realize you need to get out of the tree house some more. Sometimes, harvesting the ancestral lemon crops and grooming the heirloom hunting trophies makes you feel a little sour and mummified.Suddenly, you have an idea — and being in the habit of acting first and thinking later, you announce to your troubled trophies, “Tonight, I have a quantum date with my destiny.”Back in the library, you wave your feather wand in the air.

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