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I tell Sophos to update now and I eventually see it downloading maybe 20 files but then a "could not connect to server" message flashes and the update shut down. Edit: version 10.3Edit: the log file shows "Download of SAVXP failed" from primary local file server and secondary web server. You're entitled to it, find your local Sophos office and give them a call. What's the associated error code along with the error message?

The Sophos antivirus scanner uses a local internal cache to maintain query responses from the external list server to improve lookup performance.

If you are updating over an air gap please see Installing and configuring an air gap with Sophos Update Manager If you were using this page and the zip files to work out if your product(s) are up to date then we have an alternative method detailed here The file needed to check status is here: latest_Note that all products use the same security data and as such this information is valid across Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix products.

If you attempt to change the update location or credentials for a Sophos Antivirus Endpoint client, and the client is unable to contact the Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center (they may be out of the office on the road), you may find the properties for the Sophos Auto Update are greyed out.

Because a significant amount of traffic processed by Juniper Unified Threat Management (UTM) is HTTP based, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) checking is used to effectively prevent malicious content from reaching the endpoint client or server.

The following checks are performed for HTTP traffic: URI lookup, true file type detection, and file checksum lookup.

We’ve created a comprehensive library of “How To” videos, including a series of Getting Started and Networking videos, to help you get the most out of your XG Firewall.

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For previous releases, sophos antivirus scanning is offered as a less CPU-intensive alternative to the full file-based antivirus feature.Sophos supports the same protocols as full antivirus and functions in much the same manner; however, it has a smaller memory footprint and is compatible with lower end devices that have less memory.Starting with Junos OS Release 15.1X49-D100, IPv6 pass-through traffic for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols is supported for Sophos antivirus, Web filtering and Content filtering security features of UTM.You can watch the entire Getting Started video series on the Sophos Products You Tube channel.And you can check out all the posts in this XG Firewall “How To” series on the Sophos Blog.

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