Stop sacred 2 from updating

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Or the flip side: WRITING FAST EQUALS WRITING POORLY. I’ve been writing it for over a year.” Now this silly idea that the writing process has anything at all to do with quality of the work has been around in publishing for just over 100 years now, pushed mostly by the literature side and the college professors.

This comes out of everyone’s mouth at one point or another in a form of apology for our work. It has no basis in any real fact when it comes to writers. If you don’t believe me, start researching how fast some of the classics of literature were written.

Talk to any writer, and I mean privately, getting them to tell you the truth, not the public line, and you will discover that one of the writer’s books was written quickly, maybe even in a few weeks, while another book took the writer a half year to finish and he was deathly ill during half the writing time.

And you, as a reader, reading the two books, would never be able to tell the difference. Sometimes a writer gets into a white-hot heat and a book flows faster than the writer can type, getting done in just a number of days or weeks. Sometimes a writer has a deadline to hit and pushes to hit it, spending more hours in the chair, thus calling it writing fast.

This fix should work for owners of Sacred 2 under Windows 7, regardless of the version you have (Steam, Impulse, Stand alone or whatever). Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to help you out. These are just simply the steps that worked for us.But don’t ask major professional writers out in public.Remember we know this myth and lie about how really hard we do work.The Patch has been ongoing for over 7 years so the full change log is massive: Community_Patch_Changelog The Community Patch requires the Ice and Blood expansion with at least official patch 2.65.1 OR Sacred 2 Gold.The ZIP includes two files: which is used for installing the CM-Patch, and which removes it and restores your previous version of Ice & Blood.

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