Template not updating dreamweaver

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It has the following: Site: Existing templates: Description: Save as: In the Site drop down, the only available options are "web draft and root", and "wwwroot".

And these existing templates are for our main site. It has it's own folder, called EC, in our web draft and production folders. Each unit has their own site that lies on the web draft server.

I tried doing the rename with the Save As option instead of Save as Template, and that didn't work. Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Should I try to get her to create a new page based on the template and see what response she gets? The reason I ask about nesting Site Definitions in Dreamweaver is that it will screw up anything that relies on the DW cache. Well, it's like this: Root Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 etc Templates That's just an example.

When I make changes it still just saves without asking to update child pages. Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. Each site has to be in a separate folder and the folders cannot be nested. But what I'm saying is..have an index and other pages, as well as a Templates and Images folder directly under the Root, which is our main site.

I am making changes to an editable region (in this case a menu).

You test this by creating a brand new page and then applying the template..will see your changes show up on that new page but any future changes to the menu in the will not update the new page either. Change the file so your menu is no longer inside of an editable region. Originally I was building this site with PHP includes to simplify my life when it came to updating things like that menu.

That's why I was asking if I needed to just map Site1 as a separate site and make the changes, and then upload those changes to the root.

However, changes to the template are not updating the HTML files. So the way templates work is that Editable Regions do not update when the master is changed.

That update will propagate to the child pages, update the content, and tie the menu back to the for the future. I guess I should have my Dreamweaver put in time out for a while. However the IT guys told me PHP will not work on the server for some stupid reason I could not understand.

I had the concept of Editable Regions exactly backasswards. dave (just to be formal) I had the concept of Editable Regions exactly backasswards. :) Everybody makes that mistake with Templates initially. I'm new to EE, so I might be chastised for not starting a new question? So, they told me to redo everything in HTML, CSS, and JS. I need each page's "active" menu links to be different from the others for wayfinding and I don't know of a way to do that unless I do it within the HTML for that specific link... Assuming I haven't completely made you crazy, can you offer any hint as to what I can do to prevent having to change every page every time the menu is tweaked? Typically you would want to ask this as a new question but I can give you a thumbnail answer.

Duplicate the current template for safety and then rename it to ENRMD_and choose not to update the child pages with the name change. Hi, The changes I'm trying to make just to get it to update are being made outside of an editable region.

When I opened it and chose Save as Template, a dialog box came up.

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