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By default allows the client to specify the location of ANY game file.

A client can potentially use modified files to gain an unfair advantage by doing things such as replacing enemy player models with ones that use bright colored skins, make walls invisible, add beacons onto the intelligence, or just about anything else you can think of.

An example command line option: You may save this command line to a text file, rename it with the extension which will convert it to a batch file.

This batch file can be run any time your server needs an update.

For more detailed installation instructions visit: Steam CMD on the Valve Developer Community The MOTD ("ay") is the message which appears upon successfully connecting to your server.

Valve Anti-Cheat will automatically detect and ban many users that are using programs used for playing unfairly on server (examples being speed hacking, aimbot use and in some extreme cases, usage of .

This variable controls where a client gets its information and acts as a means to restrict what kind of content and files can be modified/substituted on the player's side.

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