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Diameter 5 inches (12.6 cm) The earliest archaeologically excavated examples of this notched disk form, commonly referred to as xuaiyi, have been found at Dawenkou culture (circa 4300-2400 B. Diese Sammlung ist für uns ein wertvoller Kompass zum Verständnis eines unbe- kannten Chinas. BC (restored) 9.) double-bodied vessel with two handles on the Iower part, buff pottery, Dawenkou culture, neolithic, early 3"^ mill. It has a five-storied pagoda-like buiüding at the noithwest corner. This latter figure howevcr is only a fraction of the circulation of regulär vernacular dailies.

A Yellowish-Green Jade Lobed Disk (xuanji) Neolithic Period, circa 3rd/2nd Millennium B. with four truncated arcs sweeping out from the center in a symmetrical arrange- ment around the outer edge, three of the arcs ending abruptly in an oblique line and the fourth rounding to a short projection of bracket-shaped outline rising to a blunted point in the center, the inner rim cut from one side through the thickest part of the stone with distinctly slanted inner walls, the gently rounded sides taper- ing to the rims which are lightly bevelled and rounded at the edge, the attractive yellowish-^green stone with russet markings and cloudy degraded areas (Vom burial. Gottfried Rösel, ehemaliger Deutschlehrer in Mailand, nach seiner Pensionierung sein «otium cum dignita- te» im Tessin dazu verwendet hat, in neun Jahren intensiver .\rbeit eine erste Gesamt Ubersetzung aller 500 überliefer- ten Erzählungen von Pu Sung-ling in deutscher Sprache vorzulegen. fünffachen Linien eingefaßten Dekorbändern unterhalb der Mündung, hellgraues Steinzeug mit olivbrauner Aschenglasur (innen und außen), H: 16,8 cm; D (Mündung): 17,6 cm, D (Bauch): 24,5 cm. Fabeltier und einem sitzenden Buddha zwischen einem eingepreßten Rautenfries auf der oberen Bauchzone, hellgraues Steinzeug mit olivgrauer Glasur, H: 19,6 cm; D: 12,8 cm. of Far Eastern Art List of the returned long-term loans of Mr. BC (restored) 8.) storage jar, grey pottery with two flat Shoulder handles, Dawenkou culture, neolithic, early 3'"^ mill. Finally, beyond the water tower, is a huge Cantonese house with a white wall, the Jau Way Way Kway. Some of the periodicals classed un- der this category have as low a circulation as 1,000 copies a day, othcrs como up to 20,000 copies per day.

^v•■ Plate II Stupa, temple Gamma, Khocho ■U fc,^'.-»'. llit' Hni' Kontuk U' mit I ibiiidin Die letzten 109 der weltberühmten Geschichten, mit 43 Holzschnitten der Ausgabe von 1886, deutsch von Gottfried Rösel. Serge Ehicnsperger dieses "Andachtspolster aus Fleisch" den "radikalsten allci lusionschen Romiane über Sex... Aber: "das Ruch ist fiir jedermann leicht verständlich, unieriiai- tend und zum led spannend ■ • V ■ ' f 1 f ■ 1 ! hs hat darum musste es aus amilidiei i ust- feindschaft heraus \ erbranni v\ ei den Wäre es nur Wissenschaft bizb. Jh, die entsprechende Vorbilder aus Metall, Silber oder Gold, nachahmen. Ac- tually it is the guild-house of the lumber mer- chants from the Province of Chekiang. 16, 1946 Goering commits siuicide, evades execution Oct. The English language press, as a matter of course, is leading with one evening paper and three morning dailies.

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00357871 Box: 1 Folder: 29 m B'^:^^S^^m^^.%:^ i^rii t ^T^j^p 7 f ^ ^j U. Compare the closely related beads and pendants carved from simi- lar stone which were excavated from a Liangzhu site in Fuquanshan, jiangsu province, illustrated by Huang Xuanpei in Gcms of Liangzhu Culture, p. The feast miay occur anywhere from the end of March to the middle of April. Visitors who are out to have and try every- thing Chinese should not miss eating at one of the better, well-known restaurants that serves food which, if a little stränge, is nonetheless extremely Cantonese food is the most populär choice or foreign patrons, but the menus, of course, vary, and patrons have wide scope in their selections. Owing to the fact that the French Com- munity was considerably reduced after the Pacific War with the return home of the large French garrison, this paper was con- verted into a weekly, callcd Le Courrier de Chine, which deals mainly with French affairs and France's stand in wo^ld affairs. 4) «Schmetterlinge Hiegen lassen» (158 Geschichten mit 158 Holzschmtten). 5) «Kontakte mit Lebenden» (109 Geschichten nut 43 Holzschniiien). Gesamtausgabe aüer fünf Bücher be- trägt 292 Franken. Sie hatten zusammen noch 4 Kinder, wovon aber nur 2 Knaben die Kindheit überlebten. Lebküchnen Seligmann Selinger, er war in der ersten Ehe mit Zirle Dasenheimer verheiratet, die 1847 im Alter von 41 Jahren starb. Ehe entstammten noch 8 Kinder (ohne die bereits im Kindesalter verstorben 2) aus der ersten Ehe dürften noch 2 Kinder in der Familie leben. Chinese Festivals: — The Chinese dearly love fire-crackers, which, beside gratifying the ear, serve to scare the daylights out of the ever-lurking devils. 21 After 82 days fighting, organized resistance on Okinawa ends. 1945, total American casualties for Ryukyus cam- paign: fleet. 28 Conquest of Luzon by American forces com- pleted. The Shanghai Echo, published daily in the German lan- guage, enjoys wide popularity among these people. 2) «Zwei Leben im Traum» (67 Erzählungen mit 67 Holzschnitten). 3) «Besuch bei den Seeligen» (86 Erzählungen mit 86 Holzschni Kcn) Preis 61 Franken. März 1845 heitete sie den venvitweten Talmud- lehrer Samuel Gundelfinger. Chinese movie producing has made great strides in Shanghai, and those interested can visit some of the Chinese cinemas where the pro^ess of the industry may be observed. naval force penetrate Sea of Okhotsk between Kuriles and Siberia. The Iocal German speaking population is probably the largest language group of nationalities in this city. Open Content-all: recaptcha: # get your recaptcha keys on Key public_key: 6Leef Ak AAAAAAF-this-is-a-dummy-public-key private_key: 6Leef Ak AAAAAAF-this-is-a-dummy-private-key guestbook_enabled: true You will need to get API keys from the recaptcha website. it's now possible to use different stylesheets for the Guestbook all you have to do is create your new stylesheet save it to public_html/al Guestbook Plugin/css and add it to the in apps/front/config/when you need that :) You may just use CSS if the default outputed HTML looks fine to you.Or you can override the form template by copying al Guestbook Plugin/modules/al Guestbook/templates/_to apps/front/modules/al Guestbook/templates/_You may just use CSS if the default outputed HTML looks fine to you.

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