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I'm building them a whole new network environment, kicking out both Linux and Novell, and moving them to Windows 2000, AD and Exchange 2000 (with some Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 with the help of some of my friends at Microsoft). I will also be backing up Exchange 2000 and SQL 2000 databases. Both prices for the enterprise solutions are close to the same, and both products have done me very good with Symantec at Genuity and Trend at Level(3). Remember that AV will also be installed on the Exchange servers, all workstations/laptop and all servers.

I left Level(3), and started as the new head NT Guru at a small company in Nashua. I will be backing up from 500 GB to 1 TB of data to DLT in a Compaq Tape Library with two drives and a robot. I've reviewed both products inside and out, and currently have not found fault with either.

Trend: Rock solid on Exchange, Servers, some older Workstations I've seen crash on driver loads, and just this week the older engine crashed a few XP workstations, hmmm, haven't been able to repeat it though.

I like Trend much better than the alternatives, Symantec refused to fix common bugs with their enterprise product that they admitted to having. I switched to them a year ago and I won't go back to BE as long as the budget holds -- View image here:

I went to check their machine 2min after pushing the install to the workstations and voila it was all setup and running -- View image here: nice when software works correctly and with such invisible depolyment too. User were not aware the AV was installed on their machine.

The managed mode is nice, allowing only 1 main server to d/l the updates and in turn that server will update all the workstations that it's assigned to manage. From what you are backing up I would go with Veritas. I have a different stand on Antivirus Systems We have a three Tiered antivirus system to MAXIMIZE our defenses and it works great.

Then again, my loathing with it could be due to my inexperience with the software, or its "user-unfriendly" interface, compared with Backup Exec.

-- View image here: a little side note on the AV part.

I use Backup Exec and it has worked very well also. I've used Arcserv on Netware and Symantec/CA on NT.

Follow this step by step guide on how to fix this issues and get the DHCP service to start again.

1) Go to start 2) select run 3) Type regedit 4) Navigate to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\Dhcp\Paramaters 5) Right click the parameters folder/key and select permissions 6) Check that the network service is visible and has full permissions 7) If the network service account does not exisit, then add it and grant full permissions.

Really, since you didn't specify tape I assumed a SAN was in the running. -- View image here: If you're starting clean, get Backup Exec, much better than ARCServe and its got an Exchange plugin for easy mailstore backups that ARCServe doesn't have.

We use ARCServe because we get an educational discount, IBM is offering Tivoli for campus wide usage if the university pays a small fee.

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