Two sets of twins dating

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When you know, you know, and the brothers were confident that they’d found their perfect matches in the form of Brittany and Briana.

They decided to confess their love at Twin Lakes State Park, the place where they went on their first date.

In the summer of 2018, Brittany and Briana walked down the aisle with Josh and Jeremy Salyers, a set of twin brothers from Tennessee.

The two beautiful couples wed each other in a lovely ceremony photographed by Angie Candell, and it seemed straight out of a fairytale.

It came when they attended a twin event based in Twinsburg, Ohio in 2017, known as The Twins Days Festival.

They’d been going to the event since 2011, but they’d never had their heads turned by anyone there before.

Josh and Jeremy shared the exact same desire, stating that they’d only ever tie the knot if they could do so with identical twin sisters.

The brothers were prepared to go their whole lives without getting married if they weren’t able to find the women of their dreams.

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For the Deane sisters, there was never any doubt in their minds about how their futures would look.Luckily, the pair didn’t need to worry, because one day they found the perfect partners to put a ring on it.Josh and Jeremy popped the question just months after first setting eyes on the Deane sisters.Finding true love isn’t easy, but discovering it in the form of another set of twins seems almost impossible.The Deane sisters managed to achieve their dream, though, and now they’re making future plans that have everyone around them completely surprised. They’re basically the same person split into two – if they’re identical, that is – meaning they often share the same wants and desires, as well as looks.

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