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Older models (20) had microphones in the rear view mirror.The “Phone” icon (looks like a small phone receiver) is for answering a phone (by giving it a quick definite push) or for hanging up or cancelling a call (by pushing the button and holding it down for about five seconds). For example, let’s say you were calling “Mia Thompson.” If you pronounce the first name as “Mee-yah” the Sync system won’t find her because a computer would assume the first name is pronounced as “My-ah.” The reason: a computer assumes the letter “I” is pronounced as “eye.” So, if you “think” like a computer you can say the name the way the computer wants to hear it. With some phones it seems like that is the only way you can input the names is in all capital letters.However, use capitals and lower case letters instead. If you spell a word in all capital letters, then you must call out the individual letters, for example, “Call Jay, Ohh, Hhh, Nnn.” Avoid using short names in your phone book.Sync cannot access contacts saved to the SIMM card.They are stored there for security reasons and Sync won’t be able to find these contacts.

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