Updating esx server

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Also cross-check the compatibility of other VMware products using the Product Interoperability Matrix.Since we are applying a minor update to v Center Server the usual pre-requisites such as FQDN resolution, time synchronization, relevant ports open, etc. For v Center 6.5 U1e all hosts must be running at least ESXi version 5.5.Finally, to complete the upgrade reboot the v Center Server Appliance.Select Summary from the navigator and click Reboot.If you have updated your version 3.5 hosts to these patch levels but you still cannot add the hosts to a HA cluster or remove them from maintenance mode after the associated v Center Server is upgraded to version 5.0, you might need to apply the following patches.The following post demonstrates the update process for applying minor updates to a v Sphere environment running multiple v Center Server appliances and external Platform Services Controllers.When upgrading v Sphere with an external Platform Services Controller (PSC), upgrade the PSC first, then the v Center Server, then the ESXi hosts, and finally the virtual machines (hardware versions, VMware Tools).Prior to updating v Center ensure you have verified the compatibility of any third party products such as backups, anti-virus, monitoring, etc.

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And there you have it, that’s the process the update your VMware v Center Server Appliance 6.0 to Update 1 to gain all the new feature and capabilities in this release.Note that if you’re using an external deployment model (Mx N), that is, you deployed an external Platform Services Controller node separately from your v Center Server (VCSA) node and wish to update to 6.0 Update 1, the process is Now, let’s step through the process to update the VCSA 6.0 (or an external PSC 6.0) to Update 1.Step 1 – Visit the VMware Product Patches section on My VMware and download the VCSA 6.0 Update 1 Full Patch.If you are running multiple external PSCs then repeat the above process for each PSC in the SSO domain.Do not update the v Center Server appliances until all PSC appliances are running the same updated version.

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