Updating express gate

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We should remember each service’s host so we can retrieve the data. So, we need a mechanism to enable our frontend service call the backend services without knowing where the backend service hosted. The solution that we can do is by using API Gateway.I don’t want to explain what is API Gateway here because there are a lot of great articles explained it, you can find here, here, and here.Wide-body aircrafts like the Boeing 777 have a lot of first and business class seats that might be available. If you’re wearing jeans, sneakers, or a sweatsuit, the flight attendants are not likely to see you as someone that really should be in business class. You can check on their status a couple of days before you fly by doing a pretend booking on the airline’s site. Look the picture below how the API Gateway reroute the request. To install Axios, run this command That is all how I create my own API Gateway using Express JS.After updating those files try to re-run the server and access each endpoint and make sure that everything is work well. Actually, API Gateway not only for rerouting request.

Request rerouting will enable our frontend service call the backend services and API Gateway will do it for us.Also consider joining the frequent flyer clubs of the smaller airlines.Competing against the masses who join Lufthansa or Delta is harder than when you’re looking to get a better seat with a smaller airline. Avoid flying from your carrier's main hub if it is a large airport.When your small business is on a budget, booking business-class airline tickets is most likely not an option.But there's one way to enjoy all those perks without shelling out: by scoring a complimentary upgrade. Here are nine ways to boost your chances of getting a free upgrade during your next business trip: 1. Most of the time the agent is not authorized to bump you up to a better seat, unless you are a frequent flyer, in which case you still will most likely need to use your miles. Booking with a travel agent means that it's possible for him or her to mark your reservation with a comment such as OSI (Other Significant Information).

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