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After the reboot, I was presented with Fedora 26 and its lovely new desktop background (Figure C).Figure CThe first thing that hit me was how much smoother and faster Fedora ran.And so, I set out to upgrade a Fedora 25 VM to Fedora 26 and report how it was done and how the upgrade fared. I am going to walk you through the process of upgrading from within the command line.Yes, it is possible to easily upgrade from the GUI tools, but I wanted to go the less obvious route (especially since most can figure out how to run the upgrade from the GUI). With that at the ready, issue the command: The above command will pull down everything necessary for the upgrade, but not actually run the upgrade process.If you are already using previous release of Fedora, you can upgrade your system to the latest version of Fedora 30 using a command-line method or using a GNOME Software for an easy graphical update.Soon after release time, a notification arrives to inform you that a new version of Fedora is available to upgrade.The default for dnf is to automatically update the package information every 3 hours.

updating fedora-50

updating fedora-80

When I try to update the vmware tools, I get errors (see attachments).

You must okay this download before every package necessary for the upgrade will be downloaded.

This will take can take some time (but not nearly as long as the actual upgrade); so either sit back and enjoy the progress or go take care of some other task.

The reason the first try with 'update' said nothing to do and the second with 'upgrade' found tons of updates is that you forced a refresh with --refresh.

The first try probably was running off cached metadata that was old and so it found no updates.

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