Updating firmware n95

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The launch of Nokia's new N-Gage platform may have been delayed until December, but the company is trying to build buzz by offering free previews of its games to users.

The cell phone is really good and easy to use, it has a 5 Megapixel Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-fi and many more cool features.

The firmware installed on my phone was ‘V 20.0.015’, you can check your Nokia phone firmware version by pressing *#0000# on any Nokia phone.

Once you have downloaded and install Nokia Software Updater on your computer, launch the application.

Switch your device on and connect it to your PC using the USB cable.

The software also includes a new version of Nokia Maps, which builds on the previous update that added Assisted GPS - helping out the handset's GPS receiver using triangulation sent across the network - with even faster positioning.

After the application finds attached device, it will display the Current Firmware Version and available Firmware Version for your device.

(In my case it was ‘V 30.0.015’) Just click on the ‘Install’ button and sit back and relax, my phone got updated within half-an-hour.

We're hoping Nokia releases a similar update for our N73 handset, which is also slated to be N-Gage compatible.

If it does, rest assured we'll bring you hands-on reports of the demos.

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