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Another core principle for the Io T Edge security daemon is to minimize churn.

For the highest level of trust, the Io T Edge security daemon can tightly couple with the device hardware root of trust and operate as native code.

It is the focal point for security hardening and provides technology integration point to original device manufacturers (OEM).

Io T Edge security manager aims to defend the integrity of the Io T Edge device and all inherent software operations.

Chocolatey Pro provides runtime protection from possible malware.

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It is a significant portion of the trusted computing base of the Io T Edge device.

For example, Io T Edge security daemon currently uses this interface to access the Azure Io T Hub Device Provisioning Service (DPS) for device identity lifecycle management.

Io T Edge security daemon offers a management API, which is called by the Io T Edge agent when creating/starting/stopping/removing an edge module.

It is common for these types of realizations to update the daemon software through the hardware root of trust's secure update paths (as opposed to OS provided update mechanisms), which can be challenging depending on specific hardware and deployment scenario.

While security renewal is strong recommendation for Io T devices, it stands to reason that excessive update requirements or large update payloads can expand the threat surface in many ways.

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