Updating wordpress version validating during keypress

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Upload your new zip archive point release to your server’s Word Press root folder and unpack the archive.

This can be done with File Manager if you use c Panel or Plesk, or by manually using FTP, s FTP then unzip on the command line.

updating wordpress version-2

updating wordpress version-26

updating wordpress version-24

I have had a number of customers ask me how to keep applying Word Press 4.9.x security updates now that 5.0 has dropped.

update499Add the following lines to that file and save.

Then visit your website URL, appending the filename you created, including the extension. https://zeropointdevelopment.com/update499Word Press will run the code and a few minutes later you can check the dashboard and you should be updated to 4.9.9 (or higher if you are reading this at a later date).

If you are not familiar with these terms, we can do this for you for a small fee.

Open a private ticket and we will give you a quote to do this for you.

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