Usa penpals and dating listing 2016

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But you raise valid questions around what potential exists for critical mass of users. Through a private, digital channel, she tells me about her customs and traditions and the super insane ways that arranged marriages go wrong. And if so, are the likes of Snapchat and Twitter and Facebook just updated versions of our tween-age pen pal networks, but made more accessible to all? Given that we live in a far more interconnected world than we did in the '90s, how can Pens Plus Pals offer something that people don't basically already have? We can all feel good that marginalized populations still receive vital correspondence and connection.

I may be able to address your skepticism by having you supply the answers: My gut tells me (because the feeling is mutual) that there’s something about the authenticity and the legacy of a letter that makes for a drastically different experience and connection. I couldn't send her a letter if I wanted to -- it'd get intercepted by her family. I'm about to test our fledging pen pal relationship, so hang on to your keyboard: You just dissed social media, but then said that you believe there's "a market for any business assembling like-minded people and creating a mechanism for them to share what they love" -- which sure does sound like social media to me! Part of the fun is the anticipation, the absence of immediate gratification.

People may prefer a certain form; I'm glad we have options!

But in an age of email and social media, more people write each other than ever before.

There are some easy ways to avoid an online dating pen pal.

That is someone who just wants to perpetually message with no real intention of ever giving out a phone number or actually planning on meeting in person.

Depending on what you are looking for, your approach to messaging will be very important.

I happened upon your Kickstarter page, in which you're launching a business based on connecting pen pals with each other, and was personally hooked: I've had pen pals my whole life! Pens Plus Pals is 100 percent a social media network -- the same as my mom’s quilting group or my dad’s bowling league.

As a '90s kid, I used various magazines' pen pal-connection services. One led to a man in Ghana mistaking me for an older woman, and proposing marriage. But we’d never consider comparing them to the Social Media juggernauts and I hope Pens Plus Pals can avoid that classification, too.

(I let him down gently.) But as someone who covers entrepreneurs for a living, I admit skepticism: Is there a market for this? We use our brains differently when we can't rely on the backspace button and have to write something down.

I can't think of another friend of mine who has a pen pal. So now, the ,000 question (literally): If you build it, will they buy?

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