Usc dating policy

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In some cultures, a woman going out in public unescorted by a male could be imagined as a sign she is seeking unsolicited attention.

Before you go abroad to study in a foreign country you should familiarize yourself with the local customs surrounding male/female relations.

But in some foreign countries these very things may be interpreted as unintentional invitations or may be exploited by sexual predators.

If a bus or van driver is driving erratically or looks intoxicated or overtired, consider getting out and finding alternate means of transport.

Driving in countries where cars drive on the left-hand side of the street is especially dangerous.

While it is tempting to rent a motorbike and ride around that Greek isle or Spanish village, realize that the chances of being involved in an accident are quite high.

When taking local transportation, including buses, trains, ferries, and domestic flights, always consult with locals about the level of safety.

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