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And Kaanapali Beach Hotel goes above and beyond to ensure that each package is providing the most value possible to visitors like you. Hawaii is more than just the birth place of modern surfing and hula, it's a land of relaxation, adventure, natural beauty, and of welcoming locals. From adventure tours to family fun; from soaking in the cultural sights to a hike on a volcano; you can do it all or you can simply lie on the beach all day.

Known as the “Most Hawaiian Hotel,” Kaanapali Beach Hotel keeps drawing its guests back with its authentic Hawaiian hospitality. Oahu, known as "The Gathering Place," is the most populated area in the island chain.

We last dealt with the who-took-more-vacation question in January 2010, at which point Obama had spent 26 days on “vacation” during his first year in office, fewer than the first year totals for Presidents Bush, George H. But, as we noted then, presidents never fully escape from the job. “Bush says it’s no vacation at his Crawford ranch.” Houston Chronicle.

Knoller told us he doesn’t consider these days away from the White House real “vacation” days.

He said then in an email: “I have long held the view that a US president is never really on vacation.

The job — and its awesome powers and responsibilities — is his wherever he is and whatever he’s doing.” Bush officials called the Crawford ranch the “Western White House” to emphasize the days there involved plenty of official business, and Obama’s recent Martha’s Vineyard break included several presidential statements and two days spent back at the White House in the middle of the “vacation.” Presidents may clear brush or hit the links, but they are never actually off the clock.

Readers may recall the criticism directed at Bush for the August weeks spent at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. “Obama’s golf: Not like Ike (or Wilson).” USA Today.

The vacation also occurred during the funeral of Maj. Obama faced criticism for being on vacation during these times, but those types of complaints are nothing new — either to Obama or presidents in general. How do you know you are getting the best deals to Hawaii? is a great place to start because we’ve curated Hawaii vacation packages which include airfare from the leading travel industry businesses.We’re confident you can find what you’re looking for on Read more about Kauai The Big Island of Hawaii, or simply "the Big Island," is the largest island in the island chain.Due to its size, the Big Island's regions vary considerably.

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