Validating roi

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Hi all - I’m planning on setting up a potential validator node for Cosmos, and am also participating in GOS.

While things seem very clear on most fronts, I’m still uncertain on a few variables that will determine whether this would make economic sense.

If you put marketing dollars where there is no real opportunity, they will be wasted dollars no matter how well the execution.

But in today’s world, brands can interact with customers in so many different ways, making the paths to purchase a lot more complex.

Specifically, I’m trying to model the potential returns for being a validator.

Some of the variables are obvious: the total amount being staked, as well as the price of ATOM once the platform is live.

Clearly a 100,000 ATOM reward for one block is orders of magnitude too high.

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That variable is easy enough to factor into the projections.However, it’s unclear to me over what time period this applies.To use an example, let’s assume the following (disregarding variables like slashing and delegating rewards): Upon successfully validating a block, how much would my validator earn?and fyi, team is fixing hourly provisioning to blockly provisioning, meaning reward will drop every block(of course each amount is much less than former ones) Summary Instructions This model is to help understand the potential economics for Cosmos Delegators and Validators. Fill out the Inputs section below, and add all One time costs and Monthly...There is a groundswell of professional observations that ESG / Sustainability has truly gone mainstream over the last several years.

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