Validating through firewall

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validating through firewall-87

validating through firewall-10

validating through firewall-11

I have multiple branch offices with ~5 employees that worked just fine off of an ASA 5505 in the past because of the included switching capability and power over ethernet (Po E).

If you follow Cisco networking and their security products, then you are no stranger to the launch of the Firepower and FTD series of firewalls.

It offered products that ranged from small branch-office firewalls to larger campus and enterprise firewalls.

m trying to get into a Win2000 server from a PC with Windows2000 trough an Internet VPN conection; I am going to a LINUX Caldera 3.1 firewall with iptables, which has two NIC?

I got to the point where it gives the message:"checking and validating user ID and password" and then it hangs.

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