Vanessa marcil and josh duhamel dating

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He's "not afraid."And while Duhamel gets a lot of the "Axl's daddy" attention because, well, hot actor adorable baby = Instagram heaven, he has sung Fergie's praises as a mom too—including recently, when now we know their marriage was on shaky ground.

( reports that Duhamel moved out in early spring.)"The thing that really amazes me about her is her incredible patience and absolute dedication and love for him," Duhamel told shortly before Mother's Day this year while out promoting "For a girl, which everything has always been about her, to see what the love of a child can do is pretty amazing," he added. She's an amazing mom." (Someone could pluck a backhanded compliment out of that observation.)But really there's no quibbling with his admiration for his wife's parenting skills.

22 release of , her first new solo album in 11 years, perhaps it was time to face the music. It didn't come from my belly but it came from my soul."She also answered the inevitable question about how she and Josh kept their marriage fresh after all these years, saying, "I have an Axl-safe costume closet where I have all my superhero stuff. I do have one that's locked that's a little bit more mature."So in the moment at least, all seemed status quo on the sexy front. But at the end of the day, she's just an amazing girl.""He just wanted to get into my pants," Fergie cracked to .He has a father who is the police chief, an uncle who is a mob boss, and an unending supply of beautiful women who want him to turn his life around Carter wonders if he's ever going to find a woman who wants to be more than "just friends".His conniving best friend Pat and beautiful step-sister Erin both know what's causing the problem: he's too nice!"I think she gets it from her own mom because she [Fergie's mom] was a speech therapist for kids with speech impediments," Duhamel continued."To see her mom teach him [Axl], then to see Fergie do the same thing and then have him learn it and become a really, really good speaker for his age...

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