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I think there's an ingredient in the recipe for monsters that Carroll doesn't mention.

Not only does a monster have to be threatening and bizarre, but it also has to be something that we think we can defeat.

They're intelligent, have superhuman strength and other powers, and have very few limitations (oh, they have a curfew during the day, big deal).

Zombies on the other hand, have their masses, and their mindlessness, but can be taken out with shotguns, machetes and other household items you can pick up at Home Depot. My inspiration for this comparison actually came from 'I AM LEGEND'.

They brought us back to their place where we drank all night and they stripped for us.3. Got mad kicked the tent down and hitch hiked home in my bare feet.7. And ended up beating up a girl there cause she was talking about my best friend Jen... He was stabbed in the chest on New Years eve with a beer bottle trying to break up a fight...

Did a dine and dash at a little restaurant in Rodney ont when I was 16. Had a peeing my pants contest with my cousin Jay for the fun of it. Broke into a warehouse full as far as the eye could see with cases and kegs of beer on may 24 with my friends Leah and Corey and only got 7 cases.

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All we had to carry them with was a grocery cart with three wheels.9. The older you get the less chance you have of taking someone's virginity.11. I once took Nitol all day to see how long I could sleep.13. The only difference is that instead of having a convenient wizard to give them brains, they, in their faulty logic, think they can gain knowledge by eating other people's brains. In all seriousness though, I find that the rise of the zombie in pop culture as our figurehead of the modern monster makes an interesting comment on our society. Vampire Diaries, True Blood, etc), the Vampire is more of a Romantic figure.Have you noticed that Vampires, although still a popular figure, are no longer scary? They've become the Byronic Hero of horror, the misunderstood loner with their own set of morals, and have crept into daytime dramas.They often sexually frustrated and waiting for marriage.Motifs similar to website of sex offenders who able to recreate the feelings.

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