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star Coster-Waldau brings flickers of roguish charm and heaps of weary resignation to the role of Christian, a Copenhagen cop who gets wrapped up in an admittedly confusing international web of lies spun by an obnoxious heel of a CIA agent (Pearce).Mostly, Christian wants to avenge the death of his partner, who was having an affair with another cop played by van Houten.As disjointed and wrong-head as the film can be, is worth seeking out for a handful of deliriously staged, virtuosically shot suspense sequences, including a shocking murder that leads to a rooftop chase and a bewildering set-piece involving a bullfight and a drone.(Just like in classics like , De Palma remains obsessed with visceral questions of perspective.) Even in its possibly compromised state, the movie has more visual spark than most of the blockbusters rolling off the assembly line this summer.

The set-up is familiar, riffing on similar heists you've seen in noir films and in crime novels, but Zahler's staging of the major sequences, like a prolonged gun battle near the end, can be gripping and his writing, particularly in the drawn-out stake-out scenes, can be pleasing to the ear.Where to watch: Rent on Amazon, i Tunes, and You Tube (Watch the trailer) )Why it’s worth watching: Kidnapping the child of an action hero has to be one of the dumbest things a villain can do.Don't you know that person you just messed with is going to come after you with all their special skills, their physical strength, and their righteous anger?Apparently, the child-smuggling, organ-stealing black market gang at the center of ) was so resilient when they decided to pluck her daughter from a crowd.Hai runs, kicks, punches, and shoots her way to her daughter.

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