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Moving on, what's the best way to tailor a profile to tantan?

I'm in decent shape, I'm tall, I can communicate fully in Chinese.

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Tantan can be troublesome, though, if your Chinese isn't on point.After talking to them they are interested in or have been to Asia. Asians have the tradition going back from a couple hundred years ago that when they traveled to Western countries for university, they would specifically want to learn about western civilisation and ideas.That should be obvious really, but it's a shame these universities are now run by people who hate their own culture and history...I didn't get any numbers (girls seem SUPER conservative which surprised me given how I read an article on ROK saying they were now more liberal and westernised) so I decided to try and get them to follow me on IG. Problems: half my matches are from Chinese tourists who are already back in China when we match. It’s easy to match but very difficult to start a conversation, let alone get a date.I sent about 20 copy/paste messages with my IG name. Just cuz none of them responded and no new girls added me on IG? I have used Tantan a bit in Europe, and deleted it. And when you get a date you can meet a very conservative girl who gets traumatized when you touch her.

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