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To avoid criminal liability, the company must have disclosed the fact that it was backdating and explained particularly how the option strike prices had been determined. Previously, companies were allowed to wait until the end of their fiscal year before reporting these transactions. Now option grants must be reported to the SEC within two business days of the grant date. Failure to do so may render financial statements 'false or misleading with respect tomaterial fact,' and create potential criminal liability under the securities acts. Filing an inaccurate report with the SEC might subject the company and its executives to a multitude of securities fraud violations for disclosures that are 'false or misleading with respect tomaterial fact.' Criminal liability for securities fraud will depend squarely on the disclosure and accounting made in a defendant's financial reports. Because backdated options have an exercise price lower than FMV as of the grant date, they are not excepted and must be included when calculating whether an executive's compensation has exceeded the cap. In addition, any inadequate internal controls that led to the inaccurate reporting would constitute a separate violation. Intent Requirement For Securities Fraud Under the securities acts, a defendant must act 'willfully' or 'willfully and knowingly.' See 15 U. This intent requirement is important in options backdating cases to determine whether executives may face criminal, rather than merely civil, penalties. If an executive who participated in backdating certified the company's financial reports, and those reports did not disclose and account for backdating, then he would be liable for making a fraudulent certification. Though federal courts have inconsistently construed these terms, Where the statute requires the person acted 'willfully and knowingly,' however, some courts require the government to show not only that the defendant knew that backdating was wrongful (willfully), but also that it was unlawful (knowingly). Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m) Section 162(m) caps the annual deduction for compensation paid to top executives at one million dollars. (In the real world, we would be adding several zeros to the end of all these numbers, but I’m keeping it simple for the purposes of conversation.) Why shouldn’t an executive take such a deal? 1) It’s dishonest and 2) it’s incredibly easy to get caught. Because they can pay compensation without 1) incurring a compensation expense (which has the effect of lowering earnings) and 2) disclosing to shareholders what they are paying their employees.The Securities and Exchange Commission has seen it all, and options backdating are among the simplest, most obvious ways of scamming the system. R.240.10b-5, which prohibit the use of manipulative and deceptive devices in connection with the purchase or sale of securities.

The wrong way: deceiving shareholders and regulators about the value of stock options through a little trick called options backdating.The practice is illegal if it is not followed by proper disclosure and related expenses are not recorded in financial statements.Altschuler has successfully litigated cases relating to multi-billion dollar buyouts, investment stakes, tender offers and contests for corporate control, breach of fiduciary duty, financial and accounting fraud, insider trading, requests for company books and records, stock ," an executive summary that includes a collection of 57 case summaries and litigation updates reporting on complaints, motions, briefs, other pleadings, settlements and rulings involving stock options backdating litigation.It can’t hurt to involve your company’s outside counsel (because in-house counsel may be receiving the same options) or a lawyer with no conflicts of interest.The slight upside of making extra money isn’t worth the hassle of spending months or years fighting a battle with the SEC.

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