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It’s not a very open-minded — or enlightened — way to live life.”Sarah Sahagian of Toronto met her partner Brandon, who is Indian and Chinese, when she was 31.The 33-year-old, who is of English, Scottish and Armenian descent, said Brandon wasn’t the first person of colour she dated, but all her serious relationships had been with white men.“Brandon was, therefore, the first non-white guy I brought home to meet my family,” she said. However, my grandfather, who has now passed, probably wouldn’t have.” She said that while she does miss her grandfather, the reality is he would not have accepted their relationship.The other thing about preferences, she added, is that they are not purely biological.This even comes down to what we find attractive — or what society tells us is attractive — and how we relate this to our dating lives.“That’s why we have things like anti-Black racism… Even in the Black community, people will be anti-Black,” she said.She added some minority groups would not want to date outside their race.

“Religion played a huge role in our story,” she continued.

“The difference is the word ‘never.’ It is ruling out the possibility that you could ever be attracted to someone from a different race.”READ MORE: Nearly 50% of Canadians think racist thoughts are normal — Ipsos poll She added there is a clear difference between saying, “I would never date a blond versus I prefer brunettes.” In one case, she explained, a person is implying they would never date someone who has blond hair, no matter the circumstance.

This is often the conversation people have when they talk about race, experts added.“‘I would never date a Black person’ is very different from saying, ‘I have never dated a Black person,'” Roderique said.

According to a 2014 report by NPR, data showed that most straight men on the app rated Black women as less attractive compared to other races.

And when we continue to get these types messages through dating, pop culture or even through family, Roderique said it can sway someone’s decision on who they will and won’t date.“We can’t ignore the social roots of attractiveness and also the messaging we get on what and who is attractive,” she said.

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