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I have it as a plan for the future Meantime I work and earn our living.

My parents divorced because of the lack of talking.I was Daddy's daughter But when I was 16 my parents got divorced. That was a big present for my parents, as they almost despaired and lost their hope for having a kid.My father got marries again in a year, but soon he started drinking heavily, so his wife left him. When my parents divorced they decided that it would be better for me to stay with Mom. He doesn't help, never asks about how I am, but he loves me. Anyway I love both my parents, as they gave me life and brought me up, they taught me to be who I am now. I work as a nurse in one of the local kinder gardens.I have good taste and can combinecheap clothes, and look attractive and beautiful. Karina From AC today olya Member Name: kiska7979 Member ID: 011605 Caucasian / White, Age: 33 (1-Aug-1979) Single - Never Married Belolyck, Ukraine From: kiska7979 Date: 09/07/13 AM Subject: Hey there!!! I saw your profile online and decided to write you...I would really love to get to know you and see if we are a good match together... ~Olya From AC Olga Member Name: osik5 Member ID: 012388 Caucasian / White, Age: 34 (1-Aug-1979) Single - Never Married Belolyck, Ukraine From: osik5 Date: 11/10/13 PM Subject: Hi, read my message !

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