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Cathy Hughes net worth: Cathy Hughes is an American entrepreneur, television and radio personality, and business executive who has a net worth of 0 million.

Cathy Hughes was born in Omaha, Nebraska in April 1947.

Name: Catherine Hughes Position: Founder, chairperson of the board and secretary of Radio One. Resume: Began career in 1969 at KOWH in her native Omaha, but left for the nation’s capital after being offered a spot as a lecturer at Howard University.

Named general sales manager of WHUR, the campus radio station, in 1973; promoted to general manager two years later.

All flavors, all kinds, all brands.” Last book read: The Stieg Larsson series: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest Twitter handle: None You were inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Radio gives you the ability to reach out and assist immediately.

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With the launch of the Centric network, do you feel like they’re trying to encroach on your market?

Before becoming the first woman to own a radio station ranked #1 in any major market and the first African-American woman to head a publicly traded company, she was a divorced single mother who lived with her son in the office space of her first station until she could turn a profit.

Here, the urban media specialist — and sometimes controversial figure — chats about journalism, family business, and not sweatin’ the competition.

“Mogul” in its present overuse, is like the retired boxer of dictionary words: it used to pack a lot of punch, but now it’s gotten kind of flaccid and nondescript.

Cathy Hughes doesn’t care much for the term either, especially when it’s being used to describe her. I hate that title because I’m still very much a work in progress,” she insists.

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