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MANILA, Philippines - Wagging tongues have it that the relationship between friends Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu are now on the rocks because the former have allegedly been dating Gerald Anderson, the latter's former longtime onscreen and rumored real life partner.The rumor started after Maja and Gerald were purportedly spotted together at an upscale resort in Albay over the holidays.Tabloid reports have since picked up on the info, citing "sources." Photos of the trip were Monday on Maja Salvador's official Facebook fan page, but these show Maja and Gerald with a number of friends.Curiously, there have been no previous reports linking Gerald and Maja.They've been mum about whether they're officially back together.

GERALD ANDERSON DATING HISTORY Here are the famous female stars and women who got romantically linked to the Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson.

All concerned parties have yet to air their respective sides on the issue as of this writing.

” lead actress Arci Muñoz said she had to take shots of vodka with costar Gerald Anderson before filming a love scene that she described as “by far the most difficult thing I had to do in my entire career.” “The vodka shots were to release the tension, to make us feel more comfortable. It was so challenging that everyone on the set was still wide awake, watching us,” she said at the recent press conference for the Star Cinema film by director Prime Cruz (opens June 14).

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