Who is hannah dating

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We know that Hannah had narrowed down her top four to Peter, Jed, Tyler, and Luke.

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Water-based fun times are a staple of Fence-Jumper (Colton) and sent home, weeping, in a limo?Luke Parker was eliminated at the overnight date rose ceremony.— Reality Steve (@Reality Steve) May 8, 2019Going to be VERY interesting who she ends up choosing bc there are def some negative stories out there.Not every guy is the greatest thing ever created & needs their ass kissed on social media.And this season, the drama never lets up."Now, that could potentially just be a way to hype up the upcoming season, but the trailer also has her weeping and yelling a whole bunch, so I wouldn't doubt that Hannah's attempt to get to the bottom of all the drama might backfire on her.Reportedly, the cast and crew filmed a segment in Scotland.

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