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, Voronov, who said he knew he was gay as a child, explained to Frankel, “I told my family a month before we got married and then my friends only found out in People magazine.”After the divorce, Voronov harbored feelings of resentment towards Weir, claiming he coerced him to reveal his homosexuality.

According to TMZ, “Victor also claims prior to meeting Johnny he was living his life as a heterosexual man and was struggling with his identity, yet he says Johnny forced him to come out of the closet.

After the divorce, Victor got engaged with the ice dancer, Joti Polizoakis.

Johnny is well known as the American figure skater and sports commentator.

On January 2018, Johnny tweeted that he takes sexual orientation as simply as his sex or skin color and doesn’t feel him being a gay has changed anything in his life.

Johnny was married to the law graduate Victor Voronov on December 30, 2011, at New York City Courthouse.

However, Johnny, with on March 20, 2014, denied the accusations and shared the whole incident.

Johnny, on his book ‘Welcome to My New World’, disclosed his sexuality as a gay and while conversing with People Magazine (2011) confessed that his sexuality has become an essence of his life.

He said, In the same book, the skater shared that his parents have always been supportive towards him in the matter of sexuality.

Johnny is an American Skater and television personality who is spreading his magic in 2018 Olympic Winter.

For those who are dying to know about his relationship, let’s us first reveal that Johnny Weir is an openly gay.

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