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I admire and respect the diversity of the human race, believing that we are all equal,regardless of our ethnicity. I'm a rapper, singer, and producer majoring in Film and Digital Media.

I am passionate about art, music, film, and sports. if you don't have a picture, let me save you some time; we won't communicate.

Lucas Till was born on 10 August 1990 in Fort Hood, Texas to Dana Lyn (née Brady) and John Mark Till. After graduation, he went to Los Angeles, California to continue acting.

Till appeared in a number of movies and TV productions like .

He appeared as “Alex Summers” in a 2011 successful films “X-Men: First Class’ and was highly recognized by public and fans.

As the child of hard-working parents—his mother is an office worker and his father works at a museum—Lucas learned the value of diligence at a young age.

While he says his father is his primary role model, he also praised his father-in-law’s lifestyle and example.

He must be great, too, since he’s shown off his skills in film.

Just don’t ask him about the time he golfed inside his house and wound up with a hole in the wall. As a lawyer, Maggie now handles all of Lucas’s contract negotiations.

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