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One of my dreams is having a jazz record where I just sing jazz standards and things that feel good.”She’s touring with just two support musicians -- a small-scale band, something she hasn’t always had while carving out her niche as a cult favorite rather than someone with massive commercial success.The change has helped her keep on track with one of her main goals: “I don’t want to be redundant.“I never want to get stuck with a sound or a tone,” she said.She’s on a tour supporting the album that brings the Long Island-reared, Nashville-based musician back to the Southland for shows Thursday at the Griffin in San Diego and Friday at Mc Cabe’s in Santa Monica.

You almost want to hug her when she snarls/slurs "Don't comfort me / I'm drinking and I'm angry" ("Don't Mind Me").When Smith was 19, her mother died of cancer, a loss she explored to great critical acclaim on her 2004 debut album, “One Moment More,” which earned her a place alongside respected singer-songwriters such as Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams.Loss and recovery have been strong themes on her subsequent releases, “Long Island Shores” in 20’s “Stupid Love.”She returns to that theme, from a slightly different perspective, on her new collection, “Mindy Smith,” which was released in June on her own Giant Leap Records label.Mindy Smith is a Long Island-born, Nashville based singer-songwriter with a clear and honest passion for Americana, jazz, pop, rock, blues, and folk and is a self-proclaimed music genre mutt.Singer and songwriter Mindy Smith knows too well the mixed emotions that can come with losing a loved one.

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