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I don’t need any other thing”.“If I can have all that, I am okay; marriage has destroyed a lot of people.

I am not married yet because I have yet to find the right woman. Even in a company, if there is no love, the company won’t grow.

One of the most popular and most influential actresses in Ghana today is Nadia Buari.

Buari started her career in Ghanian National Television in 2005 with her appearance in “Games People Play” which was one of the most watched television series in Ghana.

We can just be best friends and be together forever; it is more important than calling it marriage.

If it is a partnership, then let it be so, if we can pray, make money and have children together.

Name still unknown, the pretty actress shared photos of herself and her husband.

"And then, In January 2018, we were blessed again with our adorable munchkin who made the Grand Entry into this world.

Honey, from the moment I saw your merry eyes - you have always had an air of geniality which you’ve never lost.

Nadia Buari’s first major film was “Mummy’s Daughter” where she was the daughter of a girl who had a love affair with a man who was already married.

When her mother died, her dad begged his wife to take care of Anita (Buari) who was still a young child at that time and confessed that he had a secret relationship with her mother months before he was married.

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