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Rihanna is one of my favorite singers of the last 10 years.She has had an incredible run of hit singles since her debut. A moody project with some half-ass songs on it, and no real hits?From there, Rihanna hopped on a suspended plexiglass catwalk over the crowd, and made her way to the main stage.(I heard that it didn’t work on her 2nd night, and she had to make her way on the floor).He also made his way out into the crowd for one number, and let someone rap a couple of his verses too.The guy did a good job, and Travis even gave him his cap.

She did perform a medley of her songs with rappers like she did before.

So that is why I was so upset when the “ANTI” album finally came out, and I didn’t like it. I guess I am in the minority judging by this show, and the reaction to her new songs. “Work,” her duet with Drake, is decent musically, but lyrically it is sort of lame. “Kiss It Better” and “Desperado” are the other 2 that are OK, the rest are just not my cup of tea.

The stage was sort of sparse, very clean and fresh looking all in white.

Opening act Travis Scott’s set was big miss for me.

He’s a foul-mouthed rapper, in his performance and when he was talking to.

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