Who is tegan dating 2016

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“As we became more popular, it was confusing to be accepted by the old guard of mainly white, heterosexual indie rock guys, because they wouldn’t necessarily speak out in support of us,” says Tegan.“We were in the scene but always on the periphery.”Being marginalized often (usually) goes hand in hand with being condescended to.

Like, no-bug, no-rain bashes where the drinks flow and the food is always grilled to perfection.But 36-year-old Tegan and Sara are, unsurprisingly, more complex than those three points allow.After all, they’ve been performing and creating together professionally for almost two decades.“The people at that barbecue understand that by supporting us, they can get their subversive message out there.Katy Perry doesn’t say ‘Welcome the queer band Tegan and Sara!

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