Who was rob kardashian dating

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Alexa, play Natti Natasha's "Amantes de Una Noche."It seems Rob Kardashian is single and ready to mingle...with the 32-year-old reggaetón and Latin pop artist.He appears in the reality television series ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, a series that centers upon his family. Moreover, Rob became interested in the entertainment world since his early life.In addition, he also competed ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for the show’s thirteenth season. Talking about his education, Rob attended the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. After graduation, signs pointed to him continuing on to law school.Evelyn revealed that in fact, she never dated Rob Kardashian in real life. Actually, she’s not shy about saying she kind of likes the idea of dating.She said, “I think Rob is a nice guy, I really, really do.” She added, “I feel like he has potential for greatness and I hope he really keeps kicking ass in the gym, because I think he’s a nice looking man.”Wow, so now you know and Rob might yet reach out to the star.

And while the two have been sending each other sweet and cheeky messages for a hot minute, their back-and-forth recently caught the attention of Khloe Kardashian."Happy father’s day," the Dominican beauty sent Rob on Father's Day. "He knows he's happier being out of the spotlight and just being a father," the source said.So now, Kris is working her magic on setting him up with not only the biggest Kardashian stan, but hot movie star, Jennifer Lawrence. According to OK Magazine, the two met in passing, and Jen Naturally, Rob is "totally smitten" with Jen."He's always gone for the bad girls, so Jen is a complete breath of fresh air," the insider revealed.Now that Evelyn put it out there that she’s rather keen on Rob Kardashian. After all, the family’s already well connected with NBA Basketball players, so they could match up quite well. Remember to check back with Woryn is a writer who started a small book publishing company in New Zealand.What do you think about the dare that Evelyn Lozada put out on Father’s Day about Rob Kardashian? He wrote three books, one of them published by Domhan.

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