Woman hermaphrodite dating

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EDIT: Thanks so much for all of the great questions. I gather it's not so much a case of having "both", but having just one set that's a sorta blended combination of each -- i.e., think of it as a vulva and vagina with a penis instead of a clitoris, or conversely, as a penis with a vulva and vagina instead of a scrotum. That means that I have a penis but my "testicles" are internal. No problem :)I can't really speak much for placement, but my penis is slightly lower on my body than on a male's.

Note: I am a regular on Reddit and am using a Mule account for the purposes of anonymity. I was home-schooled until High School so I dodged most of that.

The young hermaphrodite wrestles with an old satyr.You guys have been really respectful and that is just so awesome. I'm going to go to bed now, and I'll try to answer more questions tomorrow. Which makes sense, when you consider that all fetuses start out defauting to female physiology, and only a shot of androgens at exactly the right time converts the developing female tissues into the male variety (i.e. It's sort of like comparing pizza and chocolate. Since I do not have a clitoris (my penis is in place of it), It's more pleasurable to masturbate with my penis.turns the developing clitoris into a penis, turns the developing labia into a scrotum, etc.); being intersexed (aka hermaphroditic) means that for whatever reason, that conversion didn't happen completely, or even at all. Both are awesome, and what is better depends on your mood. Vag is more of a slower buildup, a more mellow, warm, fuzzy kind of orgasm. (From parents, doctor, or noticed "changes" apart from your classmates during the 'awkward years'? I suppose it depends on what we can agree "functional" means in this context.She has her right ankle wrapped around him and this may hinder her escape.There is no indication of what the final outcome of the battle will be.

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