Xperia ray music player not updating

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i have a xperia my mobile fell on the floor and since that time when i wana make a call my mobile will be swiched off.i changed my mobile battery and also i reset my phone but it didnt anyone know what should i do?i have a xperia it fell on the floor &since that time when i want to make a call my phone will be swiched off.As of end December 2017, downloading the Media Go application will no longer be possible.The Music Center for PC app is available since August 2017, and offers enhanced support for your WALKMAN® device(s) and Hi-Res Audio compatible products, thanks to an easy file management system as well as Hi-Res Audio playback capability.If you own such devices, we invite you to download and use Music Center for PC.Since these apps are performing similar functions, Media Go is being discontinued in favour of Music Center for PC.I also excluded any possible problem with the microphone since when I turn on the loudspeaker, the call would perfectly go on and both parts hear each other very well. i hav an xperia z1....found out today tht it is charging really slow...infact its still kept for charging for almmost 8 hours straight..figure out wats the problem...someone wit any suggestions r welcome to help Hi everyone I have a Sony Z1 and my Facebook just stopped working, it logged it's self off and I can't get it to work again Nothing I do seems to work Has anybody had the same problem? the camera take a picture but when I try to take a video i get massage " camera not available " second problem ..

I tried everything, like turned off microphone voice suppression and slow talk. It function very well with the earphones, but if i turn to loudspeaker mode it takes forever to hear something coming out from my phone. Second, and the most serious is with the usage of ear speaker and microphone during calls.When calling or responding a call normally, the ear speaker does not appear to make any sound at all, and the other person does not hear anything. I have three problem and i think they are software problem first one ..the camera take a picture but when I try to take a video i get massage " camera not available " second problem ..when I try to listen to music i get massage " unfortunately, sound enhancements has stopped " also i got it in video this massage " cannot play video " third problem .. Please help me I have three problem and I think they are software problem first ..

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